Tuesday 26th, April 2022

An unexplained outbreak of hepatitis in young children, usually under 10 has been seen in 12 countries to date with the United States and Israel also confirming cases.

Monday 25th, April 2022
Reported ExperienceIreland Report / Story

A multi-color UFO spotted by a witness and caught on a nearby airport radar which was also confirmed by a passing commercial aircraft.

Friday 22nd, April 2022
Reported ExperienceIreland Report / Story

Lockers opening on their own, disembodied footsteps and shadow people witnessed in a golf clubhouse but two separate people.

Thursday 21st, April 2022
Reported ExperienceIreland Report / Story

Two witnesses watch three white orb like objects for ten minutes move slowly in the skies over county Waterford in October 1967.

Wednesday 20th, April 2022

A plume or contrail spotted in the skies over Lazy Mountain, Alaska has caused much debate as to the source of the strange plume or contrail.

Tuesday 19th, April 2022

Doctor Jacobs says that alien abductions could be part of a future alien invasion of planet Earth, also saying that human like beings seen during abductions could be part of a plan to infiltrate the human race.

Monday 18th, April 2022
Reported ExperienceIreland Report / Story

A farmer and his wife witness a red in colour egg shaped object land on their property before it disappeared without a trace.

Sunday 17th, April 2022
Reported ExperienceIreland Report / Story

A farmer witnesses a black object collide with a tree divide between two farms in December of 1958 in Northern Ireland.

Friday 15th, April 2022

An unnerving encounter with a human like being and what seemed to be it's pet to years later witnessing lights in woods and witnessing a triangle craft hover over their heads.

Thursday 14th, April 2022

Declassified documents from the US Space Command (USSC) reveal that an object approximately 0.45 metres in size hit the earth in 2014.

Wednesday 6th, April 2022

Some documents released under the Freedom of Information Act by the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) suggest that some encounters with UFOs have left individuals with radiation like burns.

Friday 18th, March 2022

Did pterodactyls survive to the 1800's and fly the skies of the south western parts of America?

Thursday 17th, March 2022

After an FOIA request it's come to light that Obama's Presidential Library may contain thousands of documents pertaining to UFOs and other related phenomena.

Wednesday 16th, March 2022

CCTV captures footage of two figures descending from the sky and agitate a group of dogs before moving on.

Tuesday 15th, March 2022

With thousands of disappearances, which is higher than the national average, Nome, Alaska is just one town that sits in the Alaskan Triangle.

Monday 14th, March 2022

Many people report seeing dark shadows out of the corner of their eyes, in their peripheral vision, or experiencing dark figured apparitions standing over their beds. Evening more unnerving there have been reports of encounters with the hat man, an supposed omen of misfortune.

Saturday 12th, March 2022

Lost at sea in 1915, the intact ship Endurance is found over 3,000 metres below the sea off the coat of Antarctica.

Friday 11th, March 2022

Are there werewolf encounters being reported and collected by the US government?

Thursday 10th, March 2022

A group of 25 Russian troops encounter and engage an unknown object on a training exercise, the interaction leads to five unknown beings killing 23 of the troops.

Wednesday 9th, March 2022

A Uruguayan navy officer claims that he almost shot an alien in an encounter with three entities in 1972.