Canadian Ex-Minister Says That Aliens And The Illuminati Are Real
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Tuesday 14th, March 2023
Canadian ex-minister, Paul Hellyer has stated that the organisation believed by some to be trying to create a new world order (NWO), the Illuminati are real and powerful as well as aliens being real.

The report surfaced in the Express online where Hellyer has claimed that members of the Illuminati have the technology that is required to reverse climate change but are keeping it 'black shelved' to boost the oil industry.

Hellyer, 94-years-old is one of the highest members of a governmental organisation to openly state that he believes in the existence of the Illuminati.

In an interview with the Lazarus Effect podcast, Hellyer who was once the Canadian minister of defence stated that many members of the Illuminati have stakes in the oil industry.

Hellyer said,
"You have a got secret cabal that's actually running the world and they've managed to keep this technology under wraps until they can cash in the trillions of oil assets that they've got,"

"And it's not going to change until hundreds of thousands of people band together and say look you've got to come clean, tell us what is going on, and change your priorities to save the world for further generations instead of blowing it on wars."

This isn't the first time Hellyer has come out with stark claims, he has previously claimed that the United States government has been in contact with alien races since at least the 1960s, claiming that at least four four species of alien have visited Earth.

Hellyer went on to say in relation to a 'free clean energy source',
"I learned way back that the US in cooperation with visitors from other planets had developed an exotic form of energy that would allow us to make the change from fossil fuels to exotic, clean energy within the 10-year deadline that I think we actually have."

"But nothing is being done about it. So this is not a good state of the world we've got. Certainly they are more advanced in agriculture and medicine and many other areas and if that’s true why aren’t we cooperating with them to build a better world."
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