Tuesday 18th, January 2022

A simple board game created in the 1890s or did the Chinese know something back in the Song Dynasty (around 1100 AD) that has been lost to the sands of time?

 Alien & UFOs
Monday 17th, January 2022

A radio signal from a planet in the habitable zone at the nearest star to our own, a message to come visit or Earthly interference from a yet unknown source?

Thursday 13th, January 2022

A legess beggar hatched a plan to rob women to fund his drinking and gambling. After one of the attacks ends with one of the victims dying, it's a matter of time till the police catch up.

Wednesday 12th, January 2022

A man’s body is found on Rosses Point beach in Sligo, the follow on investigation creates more questions than answers. At the time of writing this no one has ever come forward with any information to help identify who Peter Bergmann really was.

Tuesday 11th, January 2022

In 2008 a 15 year old Irish girl, Amy Fitzpatrick disappeared on a short trip home from a friend's house after babysitting. Targeted theft of investigation material and a three day delay between going missing and being reported to police and many questions still remaining unanswered.

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