Fact Checking Policy

At Unexplained.ie, our commitment lies in delivering precise and trustworthy information across a spectrum of subjects, encompassing science, technology, and the exploration of paranormal and unexplained phenomena. We strive to maintain stringent journalistic standards, consistently attributing our sources and incorporating links to the original material whenever feasible.

Acknowledging that some of the topics we delve into may be deemed controversial or speculative, we refrain from asserting definitive answers or conclusive evidence, and we have no intention to mislead our readers or advocate any specific agenda. Our goal is to foster a platform that encourages open-minded exploration and discussion, allowing for the examination of alternative perspectives and possibilities.

We deeply respect the autonomy of our readers to form their own opinions based on the information presented, as well as their personal research and experiences. We are committed to an inclusive approach, refraining from censorship and maintaining an openness to diverse views and theories, provided they are expressed respectfully, civilly, and are relevant to the discussion, with exception, in some cases we might refrain from giving out the specific location of a site if we feel the site is in a dangerous state of repair.

Unexplained.ie is dedicated to avoiding the dissemination of false or fabricated information, steering clear of the creation or propagation of fake news. However, recognizing the inevitability of human error, we acknowledge that there may be instances where mistakes occur or important details are overlooked.

Your vigilance in identifying errors, inaccuracies, or inconsistencies in our content is valued. We welcome your feedback and suggestions, pledging to address any issues promptly. Thank you for entrusting us and for your ongoing support.