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Sunday 28th, November 2021

In the world we live in with war, terrorism and violence reported all the time in the media, there are reported cases of people being possessed in the corners of the world, an idea that has only been kept alive in the movies and tv shows we watch today. But what is possession, and can it be real?

Sunday 21st, November 2021

The revered status that phone and tablet apps are given is scary when you think about how very few people question what these apps are telling you, it’s just assumed as truth and what are the chances this is by design?

Monday 1st, November 2021
Reported Experience

Breathing sounds close by while alone in a house, spontaneous exploding lightbulb, back bird found in a closed off room with no obvious signs of entry and black shadows hovering over beds at night.

Thursday 30th, September 2021

The night of October 31st thrills and scares kids alike with tales of ghosts, witches, werewolves, monsters and the undead supposedly able to walk among the living one one night a year.

Wednesday 29th, September 2021

Jervis Street shopping centre is the site of the old Jervis Street Hospital. To date there have been many stories of reported ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices, to children singing when no one was around.

Monday 27th, September 2021

With a long history of helping sick children, the Lilenfeld children’s hospital’s history came to an end in 2018 but before that there were many stories of shadows walking around the building and voices being heard.

Sunday 19th, September 2021

Three odd deaths all with a similar pattern all linked to the Rhetoric House room in St. Patrick’s College.

Friday 17th, September 2021

Multiple aircraft witness and discuss bright fast moving unidentified flying object with Shannon air traffic control in Ireland.

Friday 10th, September 2021
Reported Experience

‘X’ pattern lights seen more than once with additional ‘dancing’ lights over a south Dublin Suburb.

Thursday 9th, September 2021
Reported Experience

A usually timid dog one night becomes very agitated and aggressive towards someone or something that is out of view which is followed by a bright blue light and memory loss of what happened after the bright light.

Wednesday 8th, September 2021
Reported Experience

Two witnesses watch a lit up circular object over Mullingar, Ireland. The UFO seemed to be aware that the witnesses were watching and trying to capture the object on camera.

Tuesday 7th, September 2021

Captain John McNiell Boyd was lost at sea, Boyd’s faithful dog rested on Boyd’s grave and starved to death, and to this day Boyd’s dog is reported to still be seen around St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Saturday 4th, September 2021

Does bright light cause you to sneeze, if so you might be one of the 25% of people that have photosneezia.

Thursday 2nd, September 2021

A man’s body is found with no signs of life, within a short period of time the man’s heart starts to beat and he regains consciousness and goes on to describe a long period of missing time.

Wednesday 18th, August 2021

Myth, folklore or hidden magical species? The Fae or fairies have been a constant for many years throughout Irish stories and poems from generation to generation.

Monday 16th, August 2021

With a number of sightings over the years from around Ireland, the mystery of large black cats roaming the countryside continues to remain unexplained.

Tuesday 3rd, August 2021

Ongoing and consistent animals being found deceased with marks and wounds that look almost surgical in nature in unexplainable circumstances.

Sunday 1st, August 2021

Baba Yaga is a very distinctive figure in Eastern folklore who is reported to help lost travellers or eat them when they stumble upon her hut in the woods.

Friday 30th, July 2021

A mythical creature with a half dog, half fish body that lives in waters of many Irish lakes waiting to pick off an unsuspecting victim at the shoreline.

Wednesday 28th, July 2021

Muckross lakes, Ireland’s deepest lake that could hold an ancient species of animal that has been reported to have similarities to Lough Ness’s famous inhabitant.

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