Pilot Reports UFO While Flying Over Ireland - 29th May 2024
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Saturday 1st, June 2024
Ireland Report / Story
Dublin, Ireland – Multiple pilots reported an unidentified flying object (UFO) sighting over Ireland at approximately 00:30 local time on the 29th of May 2024, according to Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications recorded by @Shauns_Aviation.

The incident began when a pilot, communicating on the Guard/Emergency frequency (121.500), described seeing a bright "object" in the sky. He reported to ATC, "It was there then it went", further explaining, "Yeah, it was really [inaudible] it was almost like it was staying still then it went really quickly".

Following this initial report, another aircraft also contributed to the discussion, although the details of this second account were not captured in the available recordings.

The sighting led to a light-hearted exchange between two pilots. One remarked on the extraordinary nature of what he had seen, stating, "I've never seen something amazing like that before". This prompted a cheeky response from another pilot, "You obviously haven’t seen my landings". The first pilot humorously replied, "Well how do I say this, you haven’t seen mine either".

Despite the unusual sighting, all aircraft involved continued to their destinations without further incidents being reported.

Checkout the video above for some of the audio captured.
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