Gerry Ryan's Partner Says She Contacted Him Through Medium Paddy McMahon
Friday 10th, March 2023
Ireland Report / Story
Gerry Ryan's partner says she spent hours talking to a medium after his death where the medium "relayed things only Gerry know".

Melanie Verwoerd is reported to have made contact with the late Gerry Ryan through medium Paddy McMahon.

Melanie writes in a new book, 'Never Waste a Good Hysterectomy: Life Lessons From a Crisis',
"Shortly after Gerry's passing a book agent in Ireland suggested that I go and see a medium."

"'Look unlike most Irish people I don't believe in that stuff'...'But Paddy McMahon is amazing.'"

"She passed me his book Guided By Angels: There Are No Goodbyes. Over the next few nights I read his life story."

"I was doubtful but so distraught that I decided to contact him. To me it was as clear as daylight that Gerr's big energy couldn’t have disappeared. How could he just be gone. Where is gone?"

"Even quantum physics tells us that energy never disappears, it could only charge form. So perhaps Paddy could help."

Melanie talks about how Paddy McMahon greeted her "warmly at the door" at Paddy's home. She went on to say,
"He explained to me that on his account of his advanced age he rarely did these sessions anymore but when I called he felt ­compelled to say yes."

“I'm a little nervous', he confided. ‘Please know I can’t always ­connect. Sometimes the departed don't want to communicate.' I joked: ‘Well if anyone would love to talk it would be Gerry."

"Over the next few hours I had the most extraordinary experience of my life."

"Paddy channelled Gerry and relayed things that only Gerry knew. It blew my mind. When I left, I was exhausted, but strangely comforted."

Melaine added that,
"I wasn't sure The grave was a particularly painful reminder of the past for me. On the day of his funeral, I had stood back as his wife and children, ­family and friends said goodbye."

"Even though I had gone there many times, I had never felt any real connection to Gerry there. In fact, the mere idea that his body was somewhere under the icy ground freaked me out."

"Yet I knew I had to say goodbye. Not to him or our love but to the pain I now wanted to be free from."

"I walked slowly to the familiar grave site right at the entrance of the cemetery and sat down on the side of Gerry's gravestone."

"Wary of curious looks from ­passers-by I dropped my long hair around my face and whispered 'Hi'. I immediately felt my eyes well up."

"With the tears flowing freely, I told Gerry that I needed to be free, that I would forever love him and hoped that we would reconnect one day in another form."

"Still, for now, I had to live in this world and couldn't do that if I was still so sad about losing him. I asked to be released from all that was holding me back."

"Then I got up and walked back to the car where Brid (a close friend) was waiting. With every step I took, I felt a bit lighter."
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