Steven Spielberg Convinced US Government Is Hiding Information On UFOs
 Alien & UFOs
Sunday 5th, March 2023
Steven Spielberg while chatting with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show indicated he thoughr the US government is hiding information on UFOS.

In the interview on The Late Show, Spielberg said,

"I think the secrecy that is shrouding all of these sightings and the lack of transparency until the Freedom of Information Act compels certain materials to be released publicly, I think that there is something going on that simply needs extraordinary due diligence.”

Spielberg, after directing, producing, writing many movies that all hinged on the basic story line of aliens in some form said in response to the Pentagon's recent admission that they cannot explain more than 100 UFO incidents,

"I think what has been coming out recently is fascinating - just absolutely fascinating. I would like to hear more about it. I don't know what they are."
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