The Cosmic Joker - The Masked Tricksters Behind UFO Mysteries
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Saturday 6th, July 2024
A new film titled "The Cosmic Joker" is making waves in the UFO research community by examining the 'trickster' element often associated with UFO and alien encounters. The film delves into the theory that the intelligence behind these phenomena alters its appearance to match human expectations, a concept inspired by the late author and ufologist John Keel.

John Keel, renowned for his book "The Mothman Prophecies", used his investigative journalism skills to study the UFO phenomenon extensively. Keel reviewed thousands of archived newspaper reports and historical accounts of strange aerial sightings. He concluded that there is an almost paranormal aspect to these encounters, suggesting that they adapt to the cultural context of the times. He referred to this phenomenon as the "Cosmic Joker" or trickster, noting how it seems to toy with humanity, constantly shifting the narrative just as people believe they are close to uncovering the truth.

Award winning filmmaker and UFO researcher Mark Christopher Lee has brought this concept to the screen. In "The Cosmic Joker", Lee investigates various bizarre UFO encounters, including the Robert Taylor incident in Scotland. Taylor, a World War II veteran and forestry worker, claimed he was attacked by an alien resembling a sea mine with strange metallic appendages. Lee contrasts this with the Pascagoula event in the United States, where fishermen Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson alleged they were abducted by beings with crab like pincers.

“Did Robert Taylor, who was a World War veteran, see the entity as looking like a sea mine because that was an image he had from his time serving in the army... or did the intelligence take that appearance because of his experience?”, Lee questions. “Did the two fishermen Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson see the aliens with crab like appendages because that’s an image they were familiar with, or did this intelligence create that appearance on purpose?”.

Lee adds, “There’s definitely enough evidence of this trickster being behind UFOs. Maybe it’s an intelligence from a different realm or dimension of reality. I do think that the US government knows this, and this is why they will never release the truth to the public... as it’s far weirder and more to it than just aliens from another planet!”.

"The Cosmic Joker" explores these questions and theories in depth, aiming to shed light on the sheer weirdness of the UFO experience. Lee suggests that the intelligence behind UFO encounters might be far more complex and strange than the simple notion of extraterrestrials from another planet.

"The Cosmic Joker" is currently streaming worldwide on Tubi, providing an intriguing new perspective on UFO phenomena for viewers around the globe.

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