Twenty Cats Have Vanished From Homes In Dunleek, County Meath, Ireland Since December 2022
Wednesday 8th, March 2023
Ireland Report / Story
Twenty cats have vanished from homes in the Dunleek area in County Meath, Ireland in just over two months.

But it seems there is a down to earth yet heartbreaking reason. It's been reported that some cats have returned home badly injured while others have not been seen again.

The concern with these disappearances and more so since some cats have return with serious injuries it's thought that cats are being taken to be used in dog baiting.

One animal rescue group, Mollie's Animal Rescue, said, "Folks we are extremely worried about a situation which has been unfolding in our village of Duleek."

"If anyone in the Bathe Abbey or Balsaran area of Duleek is missing their cat or their has returned home sick or injured in recent weeks/months please make contact with us here through"

"At this stage we are still trying to establish how many cats have gone missing and how many have never returned."

A spokesperson for the group went on to say, "We are aware of twenty cases but are fairly certain that is just the tip of the iceberg, now that we have mentioned it on social media we expect to hear about a lot more."

"The worrying thing is none of the cats we know about had any reason to go missing they were all well cared for and came from loving homes,"

"That gives rise to the suspicion, and that is all it is at the moment, that they are being stolen for a sinister purpose, it is possible they are being used as live baits in organised dog fighting."

A Garda spokesman confirmed they are aware of the situation.
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