Steve Parsons - Shadow Whispers In The Night - 04th March 2023
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Monday 6th, March 2023
Ireland Report / Story
The latest show from Shadow Whispers in the Night hosted by Jenny Sullivan Sunyasi. Joined by Gillian from Spook Troop Tours. They speak with Steve Parsons who is a leading ghost investigating UK author.

The show brings all and any paranormal/ghost investigator down to earth in the first 30 minutes of the show, to seriously think about what and how they do investigations and to really think about what they're doing, the reasoning as to what they genuinely expect to get out of experiments and how they call out on an investigation.

This interview is a definite requirement for any serious investigator.

The discussion turns to The Day of the Unexplained paranormal convention that took place in February 2023 in New Ross, County Wexford where Steve Parsons was a speaker.

Short blurb from Shadow Whispers In The Night Facebook page about the shows guest, Steve Parsons:

Author of five books and numerous published articles on ghosts, ghost hunting and related subjects, cited or referenced in many more. A regular speaker at conferences and conventions throughout the UK, Ireland and the USA.

In front of camera Presenter and behind the scenes Advisor on numerous paranormal documentary shows for UK and overseas broadcast networks including; The Discovery Network, National Geographic, The BBC, ITV etc. Also Canadian, Japanese and US TV networks. Appeared and advised on popular paranormal 'edutainment' TV shows including Most Haunted, I'm Famous & Frightened & Paranormal Investigation Live. Hosted & co-hosted radio shows for the BBC and other broadcasters.

Co-Host of popular international weekly radio show Ghost Chronicles International and Host of The West Files weekly radio show. Steve is always keen to investigate and examine ghost experiences and accounts

You can check out Steve's books in the 'Books of Interest' section of, linked below.

Also you can listen to the show above in the video or in the link below.
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