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Wednesday 8th, March 2023
Ireland Report / Story
Déjà vu is the third show in The Close Encounters Podcast by the Northern Ireland UFO Society (NIUFOS). In this show the host Chris McMurray talks to Monique Pliakos about past lives and regressive hypnotherapy.

In part 1 of this episode:

Chris chooses a small selection of interesting and weird news in, That's What I Call News, covering:

  • Jupiter’s newly discovered moons
  • A new theory may allow for faster than light travel without breaking the laws of physics
  • Young Belgian student plans for human immortality
  • Uni professor suggests a common chemical used in motor vehicles may hold the key to warp engines

In part 2, we chat to certified hypnotherapist, Monique Pliakos from NH, USA who tells us of her methods and experiences when it comes to therapeutical hypnosis and explains the mechanics of how it can unlock long forgotten memories from past lives.

You can visit her website by clicking this link. If you're interested in having a tarot reading by Monique, then you can do so by following this link.

Alternatively, you can follow her twitter or visit her online shop by clicking this link here.

And finally in part 3,

More info on the upcoming NIUFOS Open Day and the notable celestial event towards the end of Feb 2023.
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