Nessie Like 'Creature' Spotted Off Somerset Coast, England - 26th February 2023
Tuesday 7th, March 2023
A 'creature' that is estimated to be several feet long and looks very similar to the Loch Ness Monster was spotted off the Somerset coast.

Photos were taken by visitors in Clevedon of the 'creature' next to the Victoria Pier seem to suggest some sort of animal was seen.

One witness out with her six year old daughter on the Sunday said,
"Myself and my six year-old daughter Grace were walking along the seafront on Sunday and were sitting on one of the benches before the pier."

"The shape was right next to the pier and I noticed it moving. It moved all the way along the sea in front of us whilst we were sat there. My daughter Grace said it looked like a sea monster. Just the shape of it reminded me of Nessie."

Another witness said,
"Nessie getting a swim in before the council starts charging to swim in the sea."

The photos don't give any clear indication of what was seen, do you think it was an unknown creature or a piece of drift wood?
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