Friday 18th, February 2022

Was a coronavirus like virus responsibly for the "Russian Flu", some researchers are investigating similarities to SARS-CoV-2 and the Russian flu pandemic.

Thursday 17th, February 2022

A university in Germany is using a new camera system called SkyCAM-5 with artificial intelligence to spot aerial phenomena.

Wednesday 16th, February 2022

Former MoD employee and UFO researcher, Nick Pope has said that the human race has no chance against an alien aggressor.

Tuesday 15th, February 2022

Hundreds of starling birds have fallen from the skies over Pembrokeshire in the UK, reports of a bright flash of light around the time the birds started to fall.

Monday 14th, February 2022

The latest offering from Jordan Peele, following on from movies like, ‘Get Out’, ‘US’ and ‘Candyman’, Peele’s latest offering of ‘Nope’ already looks set to be a hit.

Friday 11th, February 2022

Staying over in a cousin’s house as a teenager is common enough, but witnessing a distant relative that had passed on in years prior, most wouldn’t consider this a common experience growing up.

Thursday 10th, February 2022
Ireland Report / Story

Ireland’s longest running missing person case of a child. There have been many suspects over the years, but the disappearance of Mary Boyle remains unsolved.

Wednesday 9th, February 2022
Reported Experience

Knocks on the bathroom door, lights being turned on in locked rooms and bedroom doors being locked on their own. A haunting, cursed object or a cursed person?

Tuesday 8th, February 2022

Multiple deaths, fire and ghostly reports have followed the house of Moorehall from ancient times to the present, just coincidence or the Moorehall Curse?

Monday 7th, February 2022

Does a vampire roam the ground of Highgate Cemetery, satanic rituals and unknown creatures encounter in and around the cemetery.

Friday 4th, February 2022
Reported Experience

Almost clockwork arrival of a new cat, a couple passing in the same circumstances and smashing objects witnessed by more than one person.

Thursday 3rd, February 2022

David Paulides announces the release of his second book in the ‘Missing 411’ series.

Thursday 3rd, February 2022
Reported Experience

Apparition of a woman seen sitting on a bus for over an hour in an empty seat.

Wednesday 2nd, February 2022

Uri Geller believes an unusual space object is an indication that an alien invasion is imminent.

Wednesday 2nd, February 2022

Dagda of the Tuatha dé Dannan had many magical possessions but his most prized was a harp, the Uaithne or the Four Angled Music which Dagda could use to control anyones emotions.

Tuesday 1st, February 2022

A creature in Irish folklore called a Leprechaun, known to be a mischievous creature that hoards a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and will protect their gold by any means required.

Monday 31st, January 2022

Eleven Zebras and one Bengal tiger have died since the beginning of January at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Bangladesh's largest safari park.

Sunday 30th, January 2022

Unusual object discovered in space, first time an object has been seen emitting radio signals for one minute and then going silent for the next 18 minutes before repeating cycle.

Saturday 29th, January 2022

Bernadette Connolly has been missing since the 7th of January 2022, last seen in the Donabate area after being dropped by a taxi at the Shoreline Hotel’s carpark, Donabate. Anyone with any information should contact Gardaí.

Thursday 27th, January 2022

An abbey with a couple of ghosts said to haunt it’s grounds, one of a story of love and heartbreak while another story of worshipping of Satan and the use of the dark arts