UFO Reported To Have Been Seen Over Russian Nuclear Power Plant
 Alien & UFOs
Friday 7th, April 2023
It's been reported that a 'UFO' was seen over the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant in Russia.

The description from media outlets have varied, one report claiming that an object was seen at an altitude approximately 10,000 feet moving at speeds estimated to be up to 200 kilometers per hour.

Military officials have reportedly claimed that the object was not a plane nor a drone, stating,
"The unknown object moved at the speed of the wind,"

"This means it doesn't have engines, which means it isn't a drone or an airplane."

The Deputy Governor of Leningrad Oblast, Mikhail Ilyin has been reported to have dismiss the reports and the story of a UFO near the nuclear facility, going as far to say the information was untrue.