Untold Encounters - 31st March 2023
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Sunday 16th, April 2023
Ireland Report / Story
Untold Encounters vodcast steps into the dark side of the paranormal with Jenny Sullivan Sunyasi and Nando Desario. This show Mary Nolan joins the show to talk about everything Loftus Hall.

Mary Nolan is a member in Back In Time Paranormal Investigations and has been fully active in the feild for over 8 years now. The interest in the Paranormal world was sparked whilst working in Loftus Hall, one of Ireland's most haunted locations for several years.

Mary takes an honest approach to her investigating where she explores the paranormal from an open minded position as not everything is paranormal we come across on an investigation is necessarily paranormal and can often have a more logical explanation.

Understanding your location especially the history, past lives etc. or any historical information plays a key role whilst on an investigation to help build a better picture as to who spirits are when they make contact.

Taking a respectful approach to your investigation and understanding your boundaries and your grounding are key to any location. The Back In Time Team are more in tune with more traditional styles of investigating and Mary herself in an empath.