The Disappearance Of Corporal Luis Sergio Pucheta Near General Pico
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Tuesday 20th, February 2024
Near General Pico, Argentina, on a routine patrol in March 2006, 31 year old Corporal Luis Sergio Pucheta experienced a series of inexplicable occurrences that have left the local community and authorities baffled.

Pucheta's routine took an unexpected turn when he was asked to cover part of his comrade's jurisdiction on his day off. Patrol began at 7:30PM, with Pucheta covering around 80 kilometres until reaching a location known as "El cruce de las Cañas".

Upon observing a strange glow in the woods, initially suspecting poachers, Pucheta investigated. Moments later, two red lights appeared, immediately dazzling and paralyzing him. Despite his experience and physical fitness, Pucheta found himself disarmed and unable to react.

Pucheta recalls,
"I felt like I was inside my mother’s belly, and then I started remembering things from my childhood,"

Pucheta's equipment, including his motorcycle, radio, and pistol, were found scattered around 800 metres from his abandoned motorcycle. A search ensued, with police following his footprints. The prints revealed an unusual pattern, with the distance between them increasing up to seven metres, as if Pucheta had been pulled upward.

At 2:00AM, rain and a strong storm complicated the search, erasing footprints. The next day, about 30 kilometres from the last known location, Pucheta was found by a landowner, sitting by a dirt road, with burns on his feet and experiencing photosensitivity.

Pucheta described the beings he claims to have encountered,
"They were small, with red eyes,"

An investigation followed, leading to Pucheta's compulsory retirement in May 2013 due to trauma preventing his return to work. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance, the strange lights, and his reported encounters have sparked discussions about the possibility of extraterrestrial involvement.

Pucheta, still haunted by the experience, remains reluctant to return to the area. "I never want to go through the same thing again," he asserts.

The peculiarities of the case, including the absence of signs of dehydration despite 18 hours without food or water, and the dry state of his clothes after heavy rain, continue to fuel speculation and intrigue. The mysterious events surrounding Pucheta's disappearance near General Pico remain an unresolved enigma.
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