Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland (PSII) Capture Ghost At Property In Galway
Monday 24th, April 2023
Ireland Report / Story
Irish paranormal group, Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland (PSII) had reportedly captured a spirit peeking out a window of a Castle Ellen House.

The photo was reported to have been taken in Castle Ellen House, County Galway in June 2022 when Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland (PSII) were investigating the location with other individuals, some of whom were being trained in some aspects of ghost hunting.

At some stage in the day everyone there was asked to stand in front of Castle Ellen House to have a photo by a drone in front of the property which unknown at the time happened to capture an oddity in the photo.

When you look closely at the window on the right of the image it looks as though someone or something is peeking out from the side of the window.

There are a lot of assumptions and questions still to be answered.

But it does look like an interesting image at present.