Flashes Of Red Rings Over Possagno, Italy - March 2023
Wednesday 5th, April 2023
A huge circular ring or halo of red light was seen over Italy on the 27th of Match 2023.

Captured on camera by Valter Binotto, the ring looked to over the town of Possagno but was actually located further away, the halo like display was estimated to have been around 360 kilometres in diameter.

Spaceweather.com said that what was seen has a down to Earth explaination, the ring flash is known as an "emission of light and very low frequency perturbations due to electromagnetic pulse sources," or ELVE for short.

ELVEs are a rare type of stratospheric/mesospheric perturbations resulting from intense thunderstorm electrification (SPRITE). The red rings are created when electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) given off by lightning hit Earth's ionosphere, the ionized part of the upper atmosphere that stretches between 50 and 400 miles (80 and 644 km) above the ground.

Due to their short-lived nature, ELVEs are normally visible only to satellites orbiting Earth.

Binotto has photographed hundreds of ELVEs and other types of transient luminous events (TLEs) since he began shooting them in 2019, and this is "one of the biggest structures" he has ever seen, he told Spaceweather.com.
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Image is credited to Valter Binotto for the listing image on this article.

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