Britain's First UFO Tour To Be Launched At Rendlesham Forest
 Alien Life & UFO/UAPs
Thursday 20th, April 2023
Britain's first UFO tour is to be launched at Rendlesham Forest as a limited two day event for the summer of 2023.

Anyone interested in the world of UFOs or UAPs will most likely have heard about the Rendlesham Forest incident that took place in December of 1980.

There is already a trail around the reported spot where an odd red/green light was witnessed during the 1980 incident.

The tour launch looks to be closely aligned with the release of Heseltine's recent book on the subject of UFOs, 'Non-Human The Rendlesham Forest Incidents: 42 years of Denial'.

Mr. Heseltine wrote,
"The Rendlesham Forest incident has often been referred to as "Britain's Roswell", and in terms of its significance in UFO history the comparison is well made."

"However, I have to say that in many aspects the RFI, as it has become known, is very, very different in certain key areas."

"After almost 14 years of public research into the RFI, I can think of no other case that has been subject of so much disinformation and damaging internal witness "political" infighting."

Mr. Heseltine went on to further say that he believes that the narrative of the Rendlesham Forest incident was "controlled" by a small number of people,
"The Roswell Story from July 1947, in simple terms, was the alleged recovery of a crashed alien craft and bodies with a single military and government agenda to cover it up."

"However, the RFI by comparison is much more complicated, with what appears to be several agendas at play."
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