Polish Woman Claiming To Be Madeleine McCann Takes Another Twist
Friday 17th, March 2023
The polish woman at the centre of claims on being the missing Madeleine McCann took a further turn as a US family have contacted polish police claiming that Juila Wendell might be their missing daughter.

Juila Wendell, 21, who maintains that she is the missing British girl that disappeared in Portugal in 2007 while on a family holiday has moved from Poland to the United States with the help of Dr. Fia Johansson's help to try and find answers to Juila's claims.

Juila is reported to be in a safe house in California with Dr. Johansson due to receiving death threats over Juila's claims.

To shed light on the claims by Juila, DNA samples have reported to have been sent off for analysis and Juila has also reportedly completed a genetic test to establish her ancestry.

It's now being reported that and American family contacted Dr Johansson saying that they have been searching for their missing daughter and made contact with Julia as they believe it may be her.

A private investigator close to the case said,
"We do not want to reveal the name of the girl or her family because things are going back and forth, and it's a very emotional time for everyone. I feel we should wait until we get the DNA test because we want to know more about Julia’s background."

"Right now, there are a lot of families with missing children, similar to Julia's age, that are going to be emailing us because they would love to know where their missing loved ones are."

It's very possible that it's a case of the American family just looking for answers for their missing loved one and a resemblance is seen in Juila.

Whatever the outcome of the case with Juila Wendell and with the story being all over the media it will bring up a lot of emotions for the many unfortunate families that have missing family members around the world.
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