Millionaire Offers Woman $100,000 To Remove Mask On Plane
Friday 17th, March 2023
Millionaire Steve Kirsch surprised a woman sitting next to him on a plane when he offered her $100,000 (€93,900) to remove he covid mask for the rest of the flight.

The silicon valley tech entrepreneur who is accused by some of spreading false information on covid was on a Delta flight at the time over the United States.

Mr. Kirsch posted on social media afterwards saying,
"I am on board a Delta flight right now. The person sitting next to me in first class refused $100,000 to remove her mask for the entire flight. No joke. This was after I explained they don't work."

He went on to say that the offer originally started at $10 and worked it's way up t0 $100,000.

He added,
"She took off her mask as soon as the breakfast was served. Because everyone knows you can’t get infected while you are eating,"

And it's supposedly not the first time Mr. Kirsch has offered money to people to remove their masks, days before this incident others had refused as well,
"I asked the people sitting next to me on the plane if I paid them $10,000 would they remove their mask for the duration of the flight? Both declined the offer. Maybe I should offer $100,000 next time?"

Mr. Kirsch is one of two people credited with inventing the optical mouse.
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