Green Lady Ghost Captured On Camera By Irish Ghost Investigators
Thursday 9th, March 2023
InternationalIreland Report / Story
Irish paranormal investigation group, Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland (PSII) have claimed to have captured the green lady on camera at The Scotia Bar in Glasgow.

The bar which was built in 1792 claims to be the oldest surviving pub in Glasgow and with that comes a long history.

There have long been stories of the green lady at the pub and the pub itself claims that the green lady likes to hang around the snug area in the venue.

The green lady is said to be a barmaid in a green velvet dress that is reported to walk around the Scotia pub.

The green lady is rarely if ever caught on camera but on a recent investigation by the Irish ghost investigators, Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland, they claim to have captured the green lady on camera.

Richard of PSII said,
"After viewing the image directly after it was captured the proprietor was flabbergasted and exclaimed that in all her years there had never seen an image like it."

"'WOW' she said and showed it to another member of staff, both were aghast at the female resemblance in the image. We plan to travel back to the Scotia Bar to carry out a full investigation to see if we can support the Paranormal claims that have been made about here."