Bride Shocked To See Late Daughter's 'Ghost' In Wedding Photo
Saturday 18th, March 2023
A newlywed couple from Australia were taken aback when they noticed what they believe to be their late daughter watching them in one of their wedding photos.

Tahlia Murphy received a call in September 2022 saying that their 17 month old daughter, Taidyn, affectionately known as Totty, was found unresponsive in their back garden and unfortunately she passed away the next day.

After receiving the wedding photos back, Tahila said that it makes her "whole" again knowing that her entire family was there on their wedding day.

Tahila has shown her children the photo and her 12 year old started crying, while her four year old said,
"Can we go back and get Totty and bring her home?"

Their son went on to ask heartrendingly,
"Why can she come to the wedding but she wasn't allowed for Christmas?"