Tuesday 7th, September 2021

Captain John McNiell Boyd was lost at sea, Boyd’s faithful dog rested on Boyd’s grave and starved to death, and to this day Boyd’s dog is reported to still be seen around St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Sunday 1st, August 2021

Baba Yaga is a very distinctive figure in Eastern folklore who is reported to help lost travellers or eat them when they stumble upon her hut in the woods.

Monday 26th, July 2021

Invisible hands forcing vehicles off the road leading to tragedy and disembodied hairy hands trying to get into a parked caravan in the middle of the night.

Saturday 24th, July 2021

Child apparitions, to a yearly scheduled ghostly appearance. Ballyseede castle has a rich history of ghostly goings on throughout the castle.

Thursday 22nd, July 2021

Cobh, a coastal town that has witnessed many historical events from the last stop of the Titanic to the sinking of a German U-boat, a lot of these events have touched the Commodore Hotel as it’s now known.

Sunday 18th, July 2021

With a phantom dog, spirit of a murdered boy and the wandering spirit looking for his true love, Rathfarnham castle has more than a few haunting tales to tell.

Friday 16th, July 2021

With the prospect of not being able to afford a high class partner for their daughter, a mother and father plan to rob a stranger with dire consequences.

Saturday 10th, July 2021

A long history from Druids to modern days guests unexpectedly experiencing poltergeist activity at the castle.

Thursday 8th, July 2021

Two warring clans, young love and a tragic death is said to be the cause of the many ghostly experiences reported at Ross Castle.

Monday 5th, July 2021
Ireland Report / Story

On a cold dark night a stranger on horseback arrived at Loftus Hall which starts the infamous legend of Loftus Hall and a close encounter with the Devil.

Saturday 3rd, July 2021

An unknown entity of unknown origin when provoked has been reported to appear with a foul smell, ghoulish appearance and spine chilling physical interaction.

Thursday 1st, July 2021

While workers are in the process of demolishing an tenement building that has fallen into disrepair they begin to have ghostly encounters with what they describe as a main in a butcher's apron.

Sunday 27th, June 2021

Said to mark the passing of someone close to whoever hears the Banshee's wail.

Friday 25th, June 2021

A stone's throw from the notorious Hell Fire Club, stories of ghostly humanoid figures, large black cats and human bones being found at the property.

Saturday 19th, June 2021

The Shelbourne hotel is said to have been the place of multiple interactions with a ghost child over a 3 night period, the sobbing child named 'Mary Masters' was said to be looking for someone called Sophia.