Mother Terrified To Sleep In Home After Capturing A Ghostly Apparition On Camera
Tuesday 8th, November 2022
A 34 year old woman, Amanda Pitt is terrified to sleep in her home after capturing a ghostly specter on camera in Pennsylvania.

After hearing noise downstairs after 3am on the morning of the 21st of October, Amanda checked the CCTV footage in her home and was shocked to find what looked to be a figure standing in the doorway of the kitchen in her home.

Amanda said of the incident, "I kept going back to the camera, but I couldn't see it anymore, so I thought maybe I was seeing things,".

"I made sure Jeffrey was still in bed because I thought it could be him."

Amanda's husband Jeffrey went downstairs after a time to confront the intruder but was unable to find anyone after searching the house and there were no signs of a breakin.

Amanda has said, "Things have happened here before,".

"The people who lived here before didn't live here for very long, but we never found out why."