Figure At End Of Bed And Blue Light Encounter
Friday 6th, January 2023
Ireland Report / Story
This experience was reported by the witness to have taken place in their bed one night.

The witness states that their bed is up against the wall in the room and on the night in question the witness sleep the other way around in their bed with their feet touching the wall.

As the witness was falling asleep they felt "a shock" that ran from their right foot all the way up through their body.

Quickly after this sensation the witness opened their eyes and look toward the end of the bed where their feet were touching the wall and to the witnesses shock they reported seeing a figure.

The witness spends a second or two staring at the figure trying to figure out if what they're seeing is real or not, the witness then turns their head to side and then back again to look down at the figure.

Again to the witnesses surprise the figure was now right in their face, at this stage the witness jumped out of bed and tried to turn on a beside lamp which wouldn't turn on.

Next the witness picks up the television remote control to turn on the television to give some light in the room, followed by the main light in the room.

At this stage the figure is gone and the witness is sitting in their room trying to come up with some explanation as to what just happened, when the witness noticed a "blue light flickering" on their chest.

The strange thing about the blue light is that as soon as the witness looks down at their chest to see the blue light, it disappears.

The witness decided to ignore the light, next the witness describes the light appearing in front of their eyes so the witness ran downstairs and didn't sleep that night.

There was no further update on this report.
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