Padre Pio Makes Appearance At Limerick Church
Tuesday 4th, October 2022
Irish Report / Story
Padre Pio seems to be on tour of Ireland in the past few days, this second incident is reported to have taken place in a Limerick based church.

Two mass attendees, Nelly Cosgrave and Mary Tynan were at St. Saviour's Church in Limerick city on Friday the 23rd of September 2022.

Oddly enough the apparition was seen the the Limerick based church as a celebration for Padre Pio's 54th anniversary was taking place.

Ms Cosgrave said of the incident, "We have this beautiful picture which was taken about four years ago by a lady called Cindy Russo in the St Saviour's Church of an apparition of Padre Pio,"

"We keep the photo of Padre Pio and we bring it in every month to the church for mass and we lay it on the altar,"

As Ms Cosgrave was concentrating during the elevation of the blessed sacrament when something caught her eye.

"The picture of Padre Pio was ablaze in light,"

"I looked all around me to see if there was something shining on it but there wasn't,"

"It was a silvery light which lasted for a couple of minutes and then all of a sudden I could see Padre Pio with his brown habit and white cord tied around his waist,"

Ms Cosgrave went on to say that after a while the light turned bright red but she could still see Padre Pio.

Ms Cosgrave said, "Mary, who is a friend of mine, sat next to me and I gave her a nudge and she also saw it,"

"Everyone else seemed to be oblivious to what was going on and so far no one else has come forward to say they saw it too,"

"There's such sickness and sorrow out in the world so maybe he wanted us to spread the message that he's still doing the lord’s work,"

"If I could have spoken to him I would have told him that I was delighted to have seen him and I'd thank him for all his work,"