The Paranormal Database Website - Darren Mann
Sunday 15th, January 2023
Irish Report / Story
The Paranormal Database is the brain child and passion of Darren Mann. Darren's interest in the paranormal started as a child and led on into later life.

After studying the impact of UFOs on contemporary culture and faking photographic images of UFOs, Darren started with photography of paranormal concern.

As Darren worked on this he started to receive personal accounts of many different types of paranormal experiences and encounters which led to the Paranormal Database website.

The Paranormal Database website states that it contains over 13,400 entries of paranormal accounts. Even with so many entries on the site the majority are brief one or two lines on an event or locations story.

With the websites tagline stating,

Examining folkloric, paranormal & cryptozoological locations in the UK and beyond

That said there is location information and some accounts have date and time information which is good to see.

Why not have a look for yourself and see if where you live has a paranormal history.

The Paranormal Database website is linked below.