'Paranormal Investigators' Conduct Questionable Seance For Answers On Nicola Bulley's Disappearance
Tuesday 14th, February 2023
A group of three self proclaimed investigators have conducted a live streamed seance to see if "spirits had answers" in the disappearance of Nicola Bulley.

The three self proclaimed paranormal investigators live streamed a seance looking for answers in the disappearance of Nicola Bulley, the three individuals believed "spirits had answers".

It's rare enough that a paranormal group would weigh in with a seance in an ongoing investigation of a disappearance. It's not uncommon though for some law enforcement agencies to use mediums to try and help find missing people.

Apart from a seance being conducted the main sticking point here is that it was live streamed publicly, this would do nothing but worsen the stress that Nicola's family are going through.

The group go by the name of 'Real 4S Paranormal' and can be heard in the video asking "who took this lady, spirit?".

In the video which has been shared across the groups social media channels, a photo of Nicola can be seen, along with about two dozen dolls.

Linzi Steer, who runs Project Reveal Ghosts of Britain with husband Lee, said, "It's absolutely terrible. I'm sick to my stomach that they would do that."

"I saw it and said to Lee 'what the hell?'"

"This woman who says she's a medium is sitting in a room full of dolls and basically saying the dolls have information of where Nicola is."

"It's obvious what they're doing it for, just to get views."

"They're not helping with the enquiry at all - they're not helping anyone."

In response to the online criticism the group Real 4S Paranormal posted on their Facebook page saying that they were wanting to see "if my spirits had answers", and that they weren't "trying to be disrespectful".

It's individuals like these that discredit and pull other paranormal investigators into disrepute.
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