Captured On Photograph A ‘Ghost Of Bride Street’ Near Bride Street Church - August 2022
Tuesday 1st, November 2022
Irish Report / Story
A Wexford man has captured an image what appears to be a mysterious ghostly figure walking by the gates of Bride Street Church at night.

The photograph was taken on a mobile phone at about 10.30 pm on Sunday night by a local man who thought he was photographing the church and an empty street from the Roche’s Road direction.

He swore there was no one there when he took the photo and he was “freaked out” to find that the captured image showed a phantom figure walking on the roundabout by the entrance to the church car park.

There was a widespread local reaction when he posted the photograph on his Facebook page with many people describing it as creepy.

One person claimed that they always get an eerie feeling when passing by the area at the entrance to the church while another said they were “not at all surprised as that place holds so much history”.

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