St. Kevin's Psychiatric Hospital Site In Cork To Be Converted Into Affordable Housing
Thursday 27th, October 2022
Irish Report / Story
The site of St. Kevin's psychiatric hospital in County Cork was green lit in 2021 by An Bord Pleanála for affordable housing, the start of enabling works was delayed until September 2022 due to roosting bats to protect the breeding bats.

St. Kevin's was an active psychiatric hospital up until it's closure in 2002, patients were still being treated using electroconvulsive therapy into the 1990s at the hospital.

The main building on the site was destroyed by fire in 2017.

There have been stories of strange things being heard and seen at the site in the years following the closure of the hospital from strange noises to voices when there wasn't anyone else around.

Some individuals have reported seeing shadows and human figures move through the building and after going to investigate where the sighting occurred found no one there or it not possible for someone to have been at that location.

Talk to anyone who was able to visit the site before the building teams moved in and we're sure they will tell you stories of some strange going on's at the location post the closure of the hospital.