What Is A Ghost? - Part 1
Tuesday 18th, October 2022
Ireland Report / Story
The question of what a ghost is has been asked since the first time a ghost/apparition was seen or a ghostly voice was heard. People have tried to capture a ghost on photo, video or audio recording devices for years.

Over the years many different individuals and/or paranormal investigation groups have captured what they believe to be a ghost or a ghostly voice as evidence to prove all their beliefs in the paranormal.

There is an inherent bias that, not all, but a lot of paranormal investigators have, either they have had a ghostly experience previously that has pulled them into the paranormal or an individual has lost someone close to them at some stage.

There are so many assumptions as to how a ghost exists at a location, how a ghost manifests itself or even how a ghost gets up the energy to have it's voice recorded on an audio device.

A big part of the belief in ghosts for a lot of people stems from the belief in heaven and hell. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and there is no problem with this, but to have a balanced outlook in anything you need to be open to all possibilities even if it questions your beliefs.

A core belief for a lot of people involved in paranormal investigation is the idea on the origins of heaven and hell, good and bad. Some believe the idea of heaven and hell has a more down to earth origin story going all the way back to Egyptian mythology and the myth of Set and Horus which has morphed over years to become the idea we have today with a good and bad afterlife regardless of the religion in question.

Another interesting assumption is that an apparition or ghostly voice is that of a deceased person or entity. This idea closely lines up with a core religious belief. The problem here is that many assumptions are made, if a voice comes through via whatever medium and the voice is said to be from an individual that is now deceased, straight away it's assumed to be from the other side.

The idea of time and how humans have constructed the concept of time needs to be taken into the decision making as well, there is a field of thought that the past, future and present all exist at the same time and that the concept of time as we understand it doesn't exist or work the way we think it does.

If we assume, humans understand time incorrectly, it's very possible that the 'deceased' voices could simply be an interaction with a moment in time when the individual was still alive and not a deceased individual at the current moment in time.

These are just some very quick points of the ways bias and assumptions can be over looked to maybe validate a belief in something that may not exist as we think we understand it.

This a very quick overview of some of the areas that will be dived deeper into over the serious of articles of, what is a ghost?
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