Thursday 17th, February 2022

A university in Germany is using a new camera system called SkyCAM-5 with artificial intelligence to spot aerial phenomena.

Wednesday 16th, February 2022

Former MoD employee and UFO researcher, Nick Pope has said that the human race has no chance against an alien aggressor.

Monday 14th, February 2022

The latest offering from Jordan Peele, following on from movies like, ‘Get Out’, ‘US’ and ‘Candyman’, Peele’s latest offering of ‘Nope’ already looks set to be a hit.

Wednesday 2nd, February 2022

Uri Geller believes an unusual space object is an indication that an alien invasion is imminent.

Monday 17th, January 2022

A radio signal from a planet in the habitable zone at the nearest star to our own, a message to come visit or Earthly interference from a yet unknown source?

Sunday 26th, December 2021

An increase in UFO sightings reported to the Police Service of Northern Ireland occurred in 2021, with a wide variety of different incidents reported.

Friday 17th, September 2021

Multiple aircraft witness and discuss bright fast moving unidentified flying object with Shannon air traffic control in Ireland.

Friday 10th, September 2021
Reported Experience

‘X’ pattern lights seen more than once with additional ‘dancing’ lights over a south Dublin Suburb.

Thursday 9th, September 2021
Reported Experience

A usually timid dog one night becomes very agitated and aggressive towards someone or something that is out of view which is followed by a bright blue light and memory loss of what happened after the bright light.

Wednesday 8th, September 2021
Reported Experience

Two witnesses watch a lit up circular object over Mullingar, Ireland. The UFO seemed to be aware that the witnesses were watching and trying to capture the object on camera.

Thursday 2nd, September 2021

A man’s body is found with no signs of life, within a short period of time the man’s heart starts to beat and he regains consciousness and goes on to describe a long period of missing time.

Tuesday 3rd, August 2021

Ongoing and consistent animals being found deceased with marks and wounds that look almost surgical in nature in unexplainable circumstances.

Tuesday 20th, July 2021
Reported Experience

In the middle of the Wicklow mountains in Ireland lies an area with very few inhabitants and low light pollution which enables a clear view of the night sky and the stars with some perplexing movements being reported.

Tuesday 6th, July 2021

In the second part of this series of articles we focus on the categorisation systems used for categorising encounters with UFOs or alien beings.

Wednesday 30th, June 2021

In this series of articles we delve into the subject of alien abduction and try to find some reason to the origin, cause and purpose. This is part of a multi-part series.

Saturday 26th, June 2021

U.S. government report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) doesn't rule out the possibility of extraterrestrial origin.