'Paper White' Irregular Shaped Object Witnessed Near Sandyford - June 2022
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Tuesday 28th, June 2022
Ireland Report / Story
On the 21st of June 2022 a user posted on Facebook about a UFO/UAP sighting they had in Dublin, Ireland outlining details of what they saw. The sighting was estimated to have taken place between 11:00am to 11:15am.

Facebook user JasmineDe Moules posted on the UFO Network Ireland's Facebook page and said that it was their first time witnessing anything like this and that it was "such a strange thing" to be witnessing.

The witness had finished doing shopping in Lidl, Nutgrove and was heading in a car to Dunnes Stores in Ballyogan with the witnesses partner, who was driving.

While in the Sandyford area the witness describes as best then can as to what they saw, it was described as eye level just above he horizon where the witness saw an "irregular giant shaped paper-white object" that seemed like it was moving down towards the ground.

The witness says that the object seemed to be moving at a 45 degree angle towards the ground and was moving fast but, "not too fast".

The witness went on to say, "There was no heavy clouds under the area it was falling through. It was clear but there was a very tiny line of cloud shaped like a straight line but it was really thin hanging in the air.", followed by, "Around the object other than that thin long line of cloud it was clear.".

As the object reached the thin line of 'cloud' the object is reported to have vanished.

The witness said about the appearance of the object, "The object was very very white & looked like irregularly folded paper but not flattened inside. I can't say triangle nor any shape unfortunately".

The witness followed up with additional details after the initial post saying, "Also I should say it looked as white as a paper (paper-white description might mislead sorry). Also I need to add that it did resemble a triangle but it did not have sharp pointy edges.That's why I said irregular shape rather than confirming an exact triangle or any other shape."
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