GhostÉire Interviews Paul McAleer of Sky Sightings NI
 Alien & UFOs
Tuesday 26th, July 2022
Ireland Report / Story
GhostÉire paranormal group in Ireland host an online paranormal show, in the most recent show, Anthony Kerrigan who hosts the show talks about UFO/UAPs with Paul McAleer from Sky Sightings NI.

During the discussion many different topics are touched upon like the painting "Madonna and Child with the Infant St John" that seems to depict a UFO in the background with a man and his dog noticing the object in the sky.

Also some of the more well known cases like the Roswell incident which occurred in 1947 and the Rendlesham Forest incident from December 1980.

How contact would be made with extraterrestrial life, alien abduction, Steven Greer and his C5 protocol are all topics that are touched upon, so there is something for everyone in this interview and levels of interest.

If you would like to help out the Sky Sightings NI project you can find the website in the below reference links.

You can watch the full interview above.