Small Entities in Bedroom, Dublin, Ireland (January 2001)
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Monday 20th, June 2022
Ireland Report / Story
In around January 2001 the witness was asleep in bed during the early hours of the morning, it still being dark outside.

The witness said that they were woken up by a very high frequency sound coming from the back left side of the witnesses neck.

Just as quickly as the high frequency sound started the witness became aware that they were unable to move, completely paralysed while in their bed.

The witness says that they focused on trying to moving a toe as it had worked previously when the witness had experienced sleep paralysis.

Once the witness had gained some movement back, they sat up in their bed and then noticed to their left a couple of figures less than three feet tall with big heads and small bodies. The witness reports seeing another one or two of these entities at the end of their bed.

Upon swiping at these entities they disappeared.

Some time after the events of that night the witness noticed a small lump about half a pea in size on the back of their neck more so to the left around the hairline which was noticeable to the witness, and they could find it few a few years after initially finding it.

When the witness was working for a medical equipment company in the following years they were testing an electroencephalogram (EEG) where the witness placed on the head cap which contains sensors, the technician working on testing the EEG machine said to the witness that they were picking up an additional signal from the witness that shouldn't be there.

The witness didn't go into any further details after this except to say that the case was "unresolved".
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