Doughnut Shaped UFO, Coolock, Dublin, Ireland - November 2019
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Monday 8th, August 2022
Ireland Report / Story
In the case the witness was walking during daylight hours with their girlfriend, they were both walking through a large field which had houses around the edges and a main road which has a school on the other side of the road.

The witness noticed something in the sky above them and said it to their girlfriend, they both looked at an object "hovering right above" them in the sky.

The object was described by the witness as "a doughnut you could see right through it and it was spinning around but staying in the one place".

The witness went to take a photo on their mobile phone but as they zoomed into the object it now was a "rectangler black with a white spot on it".

The sighting occurred for approximately five minutes but the witness hasn't provided any details on how the sighting ended.