Object with Lights and 'Aura or Haze' Around It, Belfast - 25th January 2020
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Tuesday 2nd, August 2022
Ireland Report / Story
On the night of the 25th of January 2020 the witness was walking along the towpath along side a river in Belfast. The night was described as quiet and dark by the witness, overcast with a slight wind.

The witness describes "suddenly directly" in front of them only a couple of feet away green and red lights at a high that was estimated by the witness to be 8 to 12 feet in height.

The light was described as "very intense" before disappearing as quickly as they had appeared. The witness also described an "aura" or "haze" around the object.

As the witness stood on the towpath they said they expected to see a cyclist approach but no one ever passed the witness.

The green light appeared again "directly in front" of the witness as suddenly as the first time.

The red light is reported to come out flying from the other light and manoeuvre in a circle around the green light before both lights disappeared again and weren't seen again.

A common mistake people make is confusing red and green navigational lights which most if not all aircraft have as well as a lot of drones now have these navigational lights.

The witness doesn't say if they heard any sound from the lights so it's hard to rule out a possible drone due to the high the witness describes the lights at during the encounter.

Even with that said, for the lights to separate and one to move around the other, this seems unlike any behavior from a drone.
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