Thursday 26th, January 2023

Between October and December 2021 large swathes of dead crabs washed ashore on the coastline from Hartlepool to Whitby.

Thursday 19th, January 2023

A woman from Penzance, Cornwall in the United Kingdom has claimed to have found the face of Jesus in the base of her Domino's pizza box.

Tuesday 17th, January 2023

Rina Yasutake's body was found mummified at her family home after a local pharmacist raised suspicions.

Sunday 15th, January 2023
Ireland Report / Story

Human remains found in a boarded North Cork house may have been there for over 20 years.

Saturday 14th, January 2023
Ireland Report / Story

Two suns caught on camera over Ireland. A atmospheric optical phenomenon where two bright spots appear, one on either side of the sun, known as a sundog.

Thursday 12th, January 2023
InternationalIreland Report / Story

The seven foot seven inch tall skeleton of Charles Byrne, the 'Irish Giant' is to be removed from public display at the Hunterian Museum in London.

Friday 6th, January 2023

A creature that seems to have the characteristics of alligator, fish and eel has been captured on camera off the coast of North Carolina in the United States.

Thursday 5th, January 2023

An ex-funeral home owner and her mother have both been sentenced 20 and 15 years respectively in prison for the selling of body parts.

Wednesday 4th, January 2023

Nikola Tesla talks about receiving communication from the void of space in 1899 while working on experiments in Colorado SPrings.

Friday 30th, December 2022
InternationalIreland Report / Story

A New York Police detective is looking to Cork, Ireland to try and solve a mystery where the office has been receiving Christmas cards from a family in Cork for the past 14 years.

Wednesday 28th, December 2022

At the end of each year there are predictions for the year to come and 2023 is no different, with some interesting prophecies from some of the usual suspects like Nostradamus and Baba Vanga.

Tuesday 27th, December 2022
InternationalIreland Report / Story

A 45 year old Irish man has died in a fall from a moving train in Thailand.

Tuesday 6th, December 2022

Over 40 animals from the ranch have been found dead with no cause of death.

Thursday 17th, November 2022
Ireland Report / Story

A stag that was killed in a traffic accident had it's head cut off and the body left on the side of the Raphoe Road near Castlefinn, County Donegal.

Wednesday 26th, October 2022

Tim Gough died suddenly, aged 55, while presenting the GenX Radio Suffolk breakfast show on Monday.

Tuesday 25th, October 2022

In a judgment on behalf of the five-judge court on Monday, the Chief Justice Donal O'Donnell said he was satisfied that permission for the development could not be affected by a decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

Monday 24th, October 2022
Ireland Report / Story

The woman lost her balance and plunged more than 60ft as she was out walking with a group of around a dozen other tourists.

Wednesday 19th, October 2022

Who stood to gain most from taking out the Nord Stream pipelines, did any nation openly have negative feelings for the pipeline?

Monday 10th, October 2022

A wildfire swept over on Easter Island in Chile causing permanent damage to the iconic stone statues known as moai.

Friday 7th, October 2022
Ireland Report / Story

A suspected gas explosion was reported in the rural town of Creeslough, County Donegal at an Applegreen service station.