Three Foot Hat Wearing Visitor At Night In Siblings Bedroom, Ireland
Wednesday 24th, January 2024
Ireland Report / Story
This incident occurred a number of years ago, an Irish family found themselves at the centre of a perplexing and eerie experience, leaving them questioning the boundaries between reality and the unexplained.

In the early hours of a weekend night, the witness, then 18 years old, recounted a peculiar event that unfolded in the confines of their childhood home. Sleeping in a room shared with their sister due to visiting guests, the witness awoke with a sensation of being choked, initially attributing it to tangled blankets. However, upon further scrutiny, they reported witnessing a diminutive figure, approximately 3 feet tall, moving with an unsettling slithering motion.

The witness described the figure as a man wearing a wide brimmed hat, adorned with sharp features, who hovered or slithered between the two beds. At this point, the witness, opting not to disclose their perception to the sister, called her name. To their astonishment, the sister, upon awakening, began screaming and describing an identical figure with uncanny similarities. Strikingly, the sister attributed the figure to a friend of their father known for distinctive features, albeit describing him as "all small."

Family members rushed into the room following the commotion, only to find nothing amiss. Despite the absence of any tangible evidence, the event left a lasting impression on those involved. The witness, known for occasional nighttime hallucinations, acknowledged their visual impairment without glasses but questioned the shared nature of the experience.

Several factors may have contributed to this unusual incident, including the absence of a streetlight outside the bedroom window, potential sleep paralysis, and shared psychological influences within the family. The witness has emphasised their awareness of a history of nighttime imaginings but remains intrigued by the shared nature of this particular episode.

While this account may defy easy explanation, it serves as an example to the mysterious aspects of human perception during sleep and the potential for shared hallucinations within close knit communities.
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