Severe Turbulence on Qatar Airways Flight Leaves Several Injured
Sunday 26th, May 2024
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Dublin, Ireland - A Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin experienced severe turbulence, resulting in injuries to multiple passengers and crew members. The incident occurred while the aircraft was airborne over Turkey, approximately two hours into the journey.

Upon landing at Dublin Airport shortly before 1 pm, emergency services, including ambulances, were present to assist the injured. Dublin Airport authorities confirmed that eight passengers were taken to hospital. Initially, it was reported that six passengers and six crew members had sustained injuries.

"The return flight to Doha (flight QR018) is scheduled to operate as normal this afternoon, albeit with a delay", stated the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA). Despite the turbulence incident, flight operations at Dublin Airport continued as normal.

In a statement, Qatar Airways acknowledged the incident, "A small number of passengers and crew sustained minor injuries in flight and are now receiving medical attention. The matter is now subject to an internal investigation".

Passengers recounted harrowing experiences during the turbulence. Cathal, travelling from Doha, described the moment, "The seatbelt signs were off, and my dinner came off my lap". Showing his torn shorts, he added, "I have been flying with the airline for five years, and I am very disappointed".

Paul Mocc described the chaos on board, "People hit the roof, with food and drink going everywhere". He saw crew members with bandages and one passenger on oxygen with apparent back injuries.

Emma and Conor, returning from Thailand, shared their ordeal. Conor noted seeing a flight attendant "go up in the air", while Emma, who was asleep, awoke to "the look of panic on everyone's faces". She observed flight attendants with scratches and one with an arm in a sling.

Grandmother Eileen, greeted by her relieved family at the airport, described it as "the worst experience I ever had on a plane". Her partner, Tony, had to hold her down as she was not wearing a seatbelt while sleeping. Eileen expressed her reluctance to fly again soon.

This incident comes just a week after a Singapore Airlines flight encountered severe turbulence, resulting in one passenger's death and multiple injuries. The flight from London to Singapore fell into an air pocket during meal service, prompting an emergency landing in Thailand.

These recent events underline the unpredictability of turbulence and the importance of following safety protocols, such as keeping seatbelts fastened whenever seated. It's been reported from some sources that experts expect severe turbulence will only increase going forward.
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