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Tuesday 10th, May 2022
InternationalIreland Report / Story

A missing Irishman was last heard from on the 26th April 2017 on the Pacific Crest Trail prior to heading into a reported section of the trail that contained up to three feet of snow at the time.

Tuesday 15th, March 2022

With thousands of disappearances, which is higher than the national average, Nome, Alaska is just one town that sits in the Alaskan Triangle.

Saturday 12th, March 2022

Lost at sea in 1915, the intact ship Endurance is found over 3,000 metres below the sea off the coat of Antarctica.

Thursday 10th, February 2022
Ireland Report / Story

Ireland’s longest running missing person case of a child. There have been many suspects over the years, but the disappearance of Mary Boyle remains unsolved.

Thursday 3rd, February 2022

David Paulides announces the release of his second book in the ‘Missing 411’ series.

Saturday 29th, January 2022

Bernadette Connolly has been missing since the 7th of January 2022, last seen in the Donabate area after being dropped by a taxi at the Shoreline Hotel’s carpark, Donabate. Anyone with any information should contact Gardaí.

Monday 24th, January 2022

In 1995 Anthony ‘Tony’ Donnellan, originally from Clare, Ireland went missing from his flat in Camberwell, United Kingdom with no trace or indication as to what happened to him with no new information about his disappearance to this day.

Tuesday 11th, January 2022

In 2008 a 15 year old Irish girl, Amy Fitzpatrick disappeared on a short trip home from a friend's house after babysitting. Targeted theft of investigation material and a three day delay between going missing and being reported to police and many questions still remaining unanswered.

Monday 10th, January 2022

A local postman from Stradbally County Waterford goes missing after reports of an altercation on Christmas Day in a pub which shouldn’t have been serving alcohol. Much confusion surrounds the chain of events leading up to Larry Griffin’s disappearance and remains to this day.

Friday 7th, January 2022

Two RAF maritime reconnaissance aircraft on a routine search and patrol flight vanished off the coast of Ireland with no wreckage found for over 11 years later.

Wednesday 14th, July 2021

Aer Lingus Flight 172 crashed into the Irish sea with the loss of 61 lives which led to much speculation as to the cause of the crash, a few theories put forward were a missle strike, a bird strike or a mechanical failure.

Monday 12th, July 2021

A mysterious vanishing island, could it be the fabled land of Tír na n'Óg or Hy-Brasil?

Wednesday 7th, July 2021

Eight Irish women disappear in an area dubbed the 'Vanishing Triangle', all eight women were never found and all cases remain unsolved.

Tuesday 29th, June 2021

Prisoner claims another inmate admitted to being involved in the disappearance of school boy Noah Donohoe.

Thursday 17th, June 2021

David Paulides looks into missing person cases from around the world and the commonalities between these cases, from water to boulder fields featuring quite promentaly in a lot of cases, among other oddities that are common across a vast number of the cases David looks at.

Wednesday 16th, June 2021

Cian McLaughlin was last seen on June the 8th 2021 hiking up the Garnet Canyon trail. There have been extensive search operations in the park but with no further sightings to date. Cian McLaughlin's car has been found but his plans in the national park are still unclear.

Monday 14th, June 2021

People disappearing with no trace in the blink of an eye to never be seen again in some cases.

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