The Vanishing Island at Ballycotton
Monday 12th, July 2021
On the 7th of July 1878 at a fishing village in Co. Cork called Ballycotten an amazing sight was witnessed by many individuals. A new never before seen island appeared off the coast of Ballycotten, locals gathered on the shoreline of Ballycotten to witness this unbelievable sight.

The reports by witnesses describe the island containing a clearly visible coastline, woodlands, mountains and valleys on this new island. Local Fishermen ventured out with the intention of being the first to visit this new land that has just appeared to everyone of Ballycotten, but as soon as the fishermen got anywhere near to this new island it is reported to have faded into thin air and the island has never been seen since.

There has been speculation over the years as to was this an actual island or just a trick of the eye. There is a known phenomenon called 'Fata Morgana' named after the sorceress Morgan le Fay. Fata Morgana is a mirage, the phenomenon occurs when rays of light bend and the light rays pass through layers of air of different temperatures resulting in distorted or inverted images.

Another theory is that this vanishing island is the fabled Tír na n'Óg which was supposedly discovered in 1674 when Captain John Nisbet came across a thick fog and after passing through this fog came across a shoreline. Upon exploring this new shoreline he is said to have discovered large black magical rabbits and a wise, grizzled magician. The wise man gave gold and silver if they went on their way.

In 1872 T.J. Westropp and the O'Flaherty family claimed to see the island appear and disappear many times, these sightings were reported to have taken place 6 years prior to the Ballycotten sighting.

Another theory to the vanishing island that was witnessed is that it was the legendary island of Hy-Brasil which leads further into the rabbit hole of mythology.
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