"The Mishandling of the Missing 411 Phenomenon" - Madilyn Oster
Monday 23rd, May 2022
Madilyn Oster took a look at the books and movies of the Missing 411 project run by David Paulides to see if and what is accurate and where more data could be provided to help support or debunk the underlying project and the primary aim of the project.

The paper written by Madilyn Oster looks at the "problem" with the Missing 411 Project, that there is no core data provided to support the claims of any potential links between any of the cases in the books or movies or that are talked about on the Canam Missing Project's youtube page.

"As mentioned previously, Paulides is accredited to not only 10 books on the subject, but two movies and a podcast and YouTube series. That is a truly massive and respectable amount of research on the topic, information that was thrown into the spotlight after the North America Cluster Map (top)9 was released."

"the design of the website is, for lack of a better term, atrocious. Not only are 12 of the first 19 tabs specifically meant to advertise and sell these different books and films (bottom), but the pages that might better represent the interests of the Missing 411 Project -which include Case Spotlights, the DOI Petition to negate the 1.4 million cost of information after Paulide’s FOIA, and relevant Search and Rescue websites- are only visible when you scroll all the way to the right of the page."

The full paper can be read at the below reference link.


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