The Smell - A Dublin Haunting: The Untold Story of a South Dublin Haunting
Friday 14th, June 2024
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Part five in a series of articles dedicated to the reported events of a haunting in south Dublin. There are a number of events that occurred in a single property in the mid 1990's in south Dublin. With one incident it might have been brushed off, but the many events experienced in the house pulls on even the most level headed person's imagination.

If you haven't read the first four parts, you can read them at the links at the bottom of this article. This is a never before told story which has come to us directly from the primary witness after many years of deciding if they should tell their story. The names of the family involved and exact location of the property have been changed as other residents now live in the property, most probably unaware of the previous experiences at the house.

We have broken the account down into multiple articles to make it easier to digest and to allow for more of the experiences to come back to the witness as they continue to share with us over a period of time.

The story has been recalled by the individual who at the time was approximately 12 years old when they can remember the first events that occurred.

The Smell
As we talk through the events from the house, the feeling of being watched and the incidents of the Monk continued. The next new event that Evan can recall was a smell that he described as gas.

The smell seemed to only be in Evan's bedroom, Evan said it to his parents about the smell and they looked into it over a period of days and weeks.

Initially it was thought to have been a leak coming from the oil boiler that was under the hot press, and the hot press backed onto Evan's wardrobe. Evan's parents have an engineer come out to look at the issue and they concluded that there was no leaks or oil or any fumes from the oil boiler system.

Next, Evan's parents decided to call in a gas engineer (even though there was no gas known to be in the house). It would turn out that there was no gas in the house and it would turn out that a couple years later the gas pipes were laid under the road outside the house, ruling out gas as a cause of the smell.

The house nextdoor, it's owners reported no smell in their house after Evan's parents asked them about it.

The smell was detected by anyone that entered Evan's bedroom and it seemed to come from the direction of the wardrobe. There was no smell out on the landing and was much more faint in the hot press.

Side note, Evan made a point of saying that the wardrobe is right beside the stereo involved in the cassette incident.

After the boiler engineer, a gas engineer, asking the direct neighbour, emptying the room and wardrobe, pulling up floorboards and checking the attic, no source of the smell was found.

Evan continued to sleep in his room and over time the smell got stronger to the point that Evan was moved out of the room to the small box room beside his parents bedroom.

Evan went on to say that his family moved house a few months after the bedroom move and no one from his family slept in Evan's bedroom after he moved rooms.

It's not to say that this event is paranormal in nature, Evan went on to state that he doesn't say the smell was or wasn't paranormal but that it was just another odd occurrence of many that went on in the house while he and his family lived there.
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