The Silence - A Dublin Haunting: The Untold Story of a South Dublin Haunting
Tuesday 30th, January 2024
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Part three in a series of articles dedicated to the reported events of a haunting in south Dublin. There are a number of events that occurred in a single property in the mid 1990's in south Dublin. With one incident it might have been brushed off, but the many events experienced in the house pulls on even the most level headed person's imagination.

If you haven't read the first two parts, you can read them at the links at the bottom of this article. This is a never before told story which has come to us directly from the primary witness after many years of deciding if they should tell their story. The names of the family involved and exact location of the property have been changed as other residents now live in the property, most probably unaware of the previous experiences at the house.

We have broken the account down into multiple articles to make it easier to digest and to allow for more of the experiences to come back to the witness as they continue to share with us over a period of time.

The story has been recalled by the individual who at the time was approximately 12 years old when they can remember the first events that occurred.

The Silence
Over the many conversations with Evan about the events he and his family experienced, he talked about a recurring dream he had as a child while living in this house.

The dream didn't appear to have any trigger from Evan's day that he can remember and there was nothing that Evan could remember from during the days prior to having the recurring dream.

The dream always started the same, Evan would go to bed, nothing different, a normal night going to bed. Evan's father or mother would bring him upstairs, Evan would brush his teeth, wash his face and get dressed into his pajamas.

After getting ready, Evan would get into bed, be tucked in and a small chat usually took place with his mother or father.

Evan would close his eyes and go to sleep.

Next thing Evan would experience was an overwhelming feeling of pure, raw fear. He couldn't explain it or say exactly where the fear came from but at a minimum he said it was from his room, he suspected the source was the wardrobe in his room.

He would get out of bed but couldn't move at normal speed, everything was slow motion, as Evan tried to run taking one stride, it would take seconds for a single stride and steadily increasing Evan's anxiety.

Eventually Evan would make it to the landing from his bedroom, Evan recalls that it would normally take 5 or 6 steps to get to his bedroom door. In this case Evan describes getting from his bed to the room of his door feel like it took minutes instead of seconds.

On the landing Evan described the blue wall paper in all over the landing and upstairs hall area. There was a pattern which was like an ellipse with a smaller circle in the centre. Evan would go on to describe that once on the landing every single one of the patterns on the wallpaper, specifically the inner circle would action like an eyeball.

The eyeballs would all be straight on Evan once on the landing as he moved slower than a snail across the carpet on the way to his parents room.

Once Evan reached about half way across the landing he would try to scream for his parents, but as he opened his mouth to scream at the top of his voice, nothing would come out.

With Evan's anxiety at peak levels he would try even harder to scream for his parents, eventually closing his eyes and giving his last scream all he could muster up, but nothing would come out.

Next thing Evan remembers is waking up in his bed in a cold sweat, soaked and anxiety and fear levels sky high.

Now that the dream was over Evan would get out of bed and run into his parents bedroom and crawl up the centre of their bed and fall asleep in between both of his parents till morning.

Evan would go on to describe the feeling of running but not really moving or getting anywhere and trying to scream for help. Evan would also describe the silence he would experience during the whole dream, not a single sound, not even a pulse or breath could be heard and with the house being next to a major road, Evan always thought hearing absolutely nothing was very strange even if it was only a dream.

We will be back soon with a follow up on the next key event that Evan remembers from the property.
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