Spirit Of An Old Man Visits Woman At Night
Tuesday 16th, April 2024
Ireland Report / Story
This is a personal account from a first hand witness to what they experienced.

Unsettling incidents occurred over a few months, as recounted by one of the occupants who preferred to remain anonymous. "I was in bed, had just turned off the light, and was on my left side. I turned over on my back and there was a man hovering over the other side of the bed. When he saw me turn, he just faded into the wardrobe", they described.

Adding to the intrigue, the witness noted their surprising lack of fear during the encounter. "It was so weird, firstly because if anyone starts talking about paranormal stuff, I just freak and tell them to stop because it scares me. But this did not freak me out one bit", they said.

The witness goes on to outline another peculiar incident occurring a few nights later. "I was on my side again and woke up by what felt like someone blowing in my face". Despite the unusual nature of these encounters, they reiterated their lack of fear during the experiences.

Upon sharing their description of the apparition with a neighbour, a potential link to a previous owner was suggested. "I described the man to my neighbour and he said it sounded like the owner before last. But having said that, I guess an old man wearing a cap would be fairly typical of any old Irish man", the resident stated.

The cottage, nestled in the countryside, has a long history, adding layers of intrigue to these recent events. While no further incidents have been reported since.

These events serve as a reminder of the mysteries that can lie hidden within the walls of of any home and can pop up at anytime now or in the future, possibly things go on that the residents never attribute to the paranormal.
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