German University Is Looking For UFOs
 Alien Life & UFO/UAPs
Thursday 17th, February 2022
A university in Germany is using the latest camera system called SkyCAM-5 as well as leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to search for anomalies in the skies above.

At the University of Wurzburg in Bavaria, Germany, sits the work from the creator Hakan Kayal, a professor of Science and Technology.

SkyCAM-5 is the latest in a series of prototypes on the roof of the university.

Professor Kayal said, "Most of these observations are of known phenomena or objects such as birds, airplanes, satellites or clouds. In a very small proportion, however, the cause remains unexplained even after intensive investigation by experts,"

SkyCAM-5 has been in use since mid-December 2021. SkyCAM-5 is a test platform that works autonomously, with customized image processing algorithms, it continuously monitors the sky.

There are many further additions and expansions professor Kayal would like to make to SkyCAM-5 to increase accuracy, for example, by placing a second SkyCAM-5 system next to the first, this would mean a movement in the sky would only be saved if it was seen by both cameras at the same time.
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