A Friendly Spirit Makes Its Presence Known in Irish Family Home
Monday 10th, June 2024
Ireland Report / Story
An Irish family's home has had a series of intriguing paranormal events. The house, which belongs to the witnesses sister in law, has reportedly been visited by a friendly spirit.

It all began when the sister in law noticed her children engaging in conversations with someone through a baby monitor but there was no one else in the room or house apart from the sister in law. The children seemed completely at ease, chatting away as if conversing with a friend. This incident sparked curiosity and was to only be the start of odd events that would take place in the house.

Another event took place a month or two after the kids talking over the baby monitor with someone. While standing in the hallway, the witness noticed what appeared to be a white sleeved elbow through one of the front door's glass panes. Assuming it was his sister in law’s husband, who sometimes steps outside for a smoke, the guest opened the door to join him. To their surprise, no one was there. Upon checking, they found the sister in law’s husband was comfortably seated in the lounge, having not moved from his spot. "Now this was actually someone's arm, I saw for 2-3 seconds. I saw the white sleeve and the elbow, no mist, not out of the corner of my eye, it was as clear as day", the witness recounted.

One particularly striking incident occurred after a late summer dinner party in the same year of the previous two events. While having coffee after the dinner party the next morning, the sister in law and witness reportedly witnessed an astonishing event. The sister in law's three year old daughter, playing with fruit in each hand, was seated on a sturdy oak chair that suddenly slid approximately 1.2 metres across the floor. Given the child's age and the fact that both her hands were occupied, it was concluded that she could not have moved the chair herself. The witness, recalling the incident, said, "It was actually like that film Poltergeist. I was more amazed than spooked as the sunshine was beaming through the window and it was a Saturday".

When questioned by her mother about how she moved the chair, the little girl simply replied, "I'm not telling you, it's a secret". This response, coupled with the unexplained movement, added a layer of eerie intrigue to the situation that freaked the mother (sister in law) out.

To gain further insight, the sister in law consulted a psychic, who confirmed the presence of a spirit in the home but assured it was not malevolent. The psychic's assessment has brought some reassurance to the family, who now view their spectral guest as a benign part of their household.
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